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  1. Aquaculture Manager

    motivated and skilled Aquaculture Farm Managereffective manufacture and distribution of Aquaculture products. * Ability
  2. Aquaculture Nutrition Associate

    is upgrading soybean meal to high quality ingredients used in aquaculture and other animal feeds. JOB DUTIES The Aquaculture
  3. Consultant- Senior International Aquaculture Expert (Nepal)

    International Aquaculture Expert. * LocationAnalyze the current farmer aquaculture costs and make specific
  4. Consultant- International Aquaculture Automation Expert (Nepal)

    seeking an International Aquaculture Automation Expertpractices in automated aquaculture. * Develop and design simple
  5. Consultant- International Aquaculture Genetics Expert (Nepal)

    seeking an International Aquaculture Genetics Expertenhancing disease resistance in aquaculture stocks. Support with necessar...

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