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  • Agriloops
  • 12/21/18
  • France
  • 35000
  • Remuneration to be negotiated - 50% of the top-up / Yearly
  • Full-Time
Employment: Permanent or Temporary, according to profile
Compensation and working time: Remuneration to be negotiated - " Manager status " - Weekend duty
Benefits: 50% of the top-up health insurance paid + Employee Equity Subscription Option possible
Location: Rennes, FRANCE
Contact: Jeremie and Romain /

At Agriloops, our goal is to invent the aquaculture of tomorrow: to produce better and tastier whilst caring about nature and humankind. Thus, our ambition is to rethink this industry to become the leader of a sustainable, healthy and local aquaculture.

To achieve our mission, Agriloops finds its inspiration in nature and conceives unique farms that combine shrimp production with market gardening thanks to its innovative technologies. In doing so, our farms produce delicious shrimps and tasty vegetables.

One of the specificities of Agriloops is in the mastery of this technique for the first time in salty water. This way, we produce aquaculture marine species, such as shrimp, and more gustatory vegetables thanks to our specific environment.

Thanks to an operating team of 4 people and to well-known associates, as well as experts in their respective fields, we have shown our proof of concept in laboratory in collaboration with reputed research laboratories (AgroParisTech and Roscoff Marine Station " CNRS / UPMC).

We value trust, goodwill, empowerment and initiative.
Following our first fundraising, we are now looking for talented and experimented people to carry out our next steps. Indeed, 2018 and 2019 will be key steps for our growth with production in commercial situation in our pilot farm, the development of our technologies and the commercial development.

In this perspective of growth, the aquaculture production manager will have a key position at Agriloops.
In close collaboration with the Chief Technical Officer, he/she will be in charge of all the aspects related to farming and production and will have to ensure the shrimp production in a closed aquaculture system in Agriloops pilot farm.
He / She will be actively involved in the launch of the pilot farm, into the follow-ups of the production and into the R&D through the trials of several parameters of production in recirculating aquaculture system.

Main tasks:
Implementation and follow-ups of the production in closed aquaculture system:
- Achievement of production target and reporting to the CTO
- Daily follow-ups and monitoring of every aspects of the production and the sanitary protection
- Data analysis

Implementation and follow-ups of R&D:
- Trials of different parameters of production in recirculating aquaculture system in order to determine
the optimum of production
- Participation to the management of the R&D team
- Participation to the collaboration with R&D partners and laboratories

In the future:
- Participation to the collaboration with the engineering firms for the feasibility studies of Farm#1
- Futures: Opportunities of management of the production team or the R&D team depending on the


- Minimum: Associate Degree in a relevant field of study
- Significant experience in recirculating aquaculture system (ideally 5 to 10 years)
- Mastery of English (reading, spoken and written)

- On top of the production aspect, continued appetite for R&D / innovation: curiosity has to be present
- Strong adaptability and polyvalence in order to be able to deal with the hydroponic part if necessary
- Enterprising, passionate and with the desire to actively participate to an ambitious project
- Sense of responsibility, rigorous, organised and with strong analytical skills
- Good skills of written and oral communication (reporting, intern communication)
- Positive mind and adhesion to the mission and the values of Agriloops

Nice to have:
- Experience in aquaculture in salty water
- Experience in shrimp production
- Experience in aquaponics or hydroponics
- Mastery of French (reading, spoken and written)

Job Closed

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